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ClickAsnaps Photographer Marketplace. A place to buy and sell your time


Looking for advice on fixing those niggling photograph issues?

Can’t seem to get your photography just how you would like it?

Not sure what to do next?

Don’t really have the time to go through a 6 week or more course?

Don’t want to pay several £100 for that course to pick up 1 tip?

Would you like custom, highly targeted and photo specific advice?

Welcome to ClickAsnaps new Photographer Marketplace. Where you can pick from a range of photographers of varying skills, speciality areas and prices


How does it work?

Click on the speciality from the menu above

Choose a photographer, read their bio, skills and browse their photos on their Clickasnap profile

Add the photographer to your cart, each price is for one photo review. The photographer details exactly what you should expect. If you want more than 1 photo reviewed then add the photographer to the cart multiple times

Add your photo links to the ‘Additional items’ at Checkout.

The photographer will come and give you a highly detailed comment and tips on your photo. Some will engage in full conversations. It’s upto you to pick what is best for your progress

Come back and rate the photographer on the experience you have received

Use the experience gained to improve your next photos!

Our latest items.

Why should I pay for advice?

It may not seem right to people at first, that users should have to pay for advice on their one or two photos they upload. But, the truth is, Photographers, like you and I, are busy people. Yes, we may want to give a bit of free advice every now and then to the odd photographer, but, we’re professionals, and we need to spend our time making sure that we have the time to do the jobs we’re paid to do to put food on the table. Giving advice on 1 or 2 photos rapidly turns into hundreds of requests, and before you know it, all you’re doing is giving away free advice!

 The idea behind ClickAsnaps’ new marketplace is about achieving a balance between people having to pay for potentially hugely expensive and time consuming courses and constantly chasing free advice. This marketplace allows photographers to pitch some of their time to those people who would like to get that custom, unique and highly directed advice, and allow them to rapidly move onto their next photographic shoot, advice on hand ready to provide that improvement.

 This system enables you as a photographer to get instant access to advice, at a reasonable cost, and for you to progress rapidly onto your next project

This system enables the semi and pro photographers to allocate their time to helping you directly. Their prices are set by them, not us

This system saves you, the aspiring photographer time and money


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